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Kaito's Family

Franky Chen has been a popular sushi chef in the New York area for over 10 years. He began his career in Koo and Ginza Japanese restaurants, but has since worked in many New York upscale sushi, Japanese and Asian fusion restaurants, building many loyal customers along the way. His dream was to one day open his own sushi restaurant with his wife, Georgina. They searched for over 2 years to find the perfect location. Their dream came true when they opened Kaito Japanese restaurant in beautiful, downtown Bronxville. This was the perfect location for them because it was a previously Japanese owned restaurant. They wanted to continue the Japanese tradition. Early every morning Franky carefully selects the freshest sushi available – only the FRESHEST will do. If the sushi is not perfect – he doesn’t buy it! Franky puts his heart and soul into every dish. You can taste the love in every bite. Every piece of mouth watering, fresh sushi is prepared in a beautiful presentation. In addition, every customer is “treated like family”, which is quickly making Kaito one of the most popular sushi restaurants in town. Kaito is a simple, intimate, clean and traditional sushi restaurant, with a very friendly, caring staff. And of course Georgina is always such a friendly, gracious hostess – the customers just love her! They offer FREE local delivery. They also happily accommodate any customers with any type of food restrictions, such as gluten free and allergy restrictions. If you have any upcoming events, they promise to make it memorable. At Kaito, every dining experience is enjoyable and memorable!

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